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Animals contribute so much to our lives and in so many ways.

The relationship with an animal is a deep bond that can, I believe, give us permission to be with our true nature.

They are our confidants, best friends, counsellors, family and so much more.

We share an unspoken bond that taps naturally into our intuition, sensitivity and healing which, when we are aware of this, deepens our connection to everything.  These sentient beings can and do teach us many things through their emotions, wisdom and thoughts, far beyond the spoken word.



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This book is for you if you have lost an animal. Your relationship with an animal is sacred and will forever live in your heart. Whether you need to allow yourself to grieve and heal or time to connect back to that unbreakable bond, this book will offer wisdom and guidance, helping you finding a sanctuary in your grieving process.


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Best Friends Forever

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