The Book: Best Friends Forever

I am a firm believer in the power of poetry as a form of creative expression and as a means of getting in touch with inner most feelings, such as joy, peace, pain and loss. I believe that this project will have a powerful impact on encouraging people to express their grief and affection for their pets in a unique and lasting way. I believe that poetry provides a powerful creative mechanism to support people to deal with, and come to terms with loss and to reach a sense of peace and resolution. Grief is not only relevant to the loss of a loved one, be that husbands, wives, partners, family or friends but just as equally important, the loss of animals. And this loss and grief from losing pets not only impacts on adults but also on children.

The loss of a pet can hit particularly powerfully, but is not always acknowledged in the same way as losing a person. Animals have a huge impact in our lives whether they come into a family or as a surrogate ‘Child’. A relationship with an animal is built on unconditional love which we can easily ‘see’, ‘sense’ or ‘feel’ when in the presence of an animal. Loss of an animal does not necessary mean a death, you may have had to give an animal away for many reasons or any situation. This exciting project proposal aims to support non poets to experiment with using this powerful medium as a means of expressing feelings and emotions, associated with loss and grief.


Purpose – To produce an inspirational book, showcasing poems written from the heart of non-poets, on the topic of grief and loss. To provide a diverse collection of real life, poems, that distils the very essence of the bond between humans and their pets.


  • People who are struggling to come to terms with their grief and loss of a beloved pet
  • People who are feeling isolated as a result of grief and loss


Hi Debbie, When I was asked to write a poem about my girls I was very excited. I have never done anything like this before. But when I first sat down to write I felt at a loss what to say?? Then we had our meeting where you put me at ease, and you asked me lots of questions about my girls, which really helped me when you send me a rough draft for me to work on, which enabled me to write my poem. I can say hand on heart I don’t think I cold have done it without your help. I did some crying for my loss, smiling for the joy they bought me. And thankful for the life lessons they taught me! They taught me patients, and to be a better person, and for that I thank them for being in my life. I always say that things happen in our lives for a reason, all part of life’s lessons, journey etc! So thank you Debbie for coming into mine, and helping me to be apart of your journey. xx Traci xx

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This book is for you if you have lost an animal. Your relationship with an animal is sacred and will forever live in your heart. Whether you need to allow yourself to grieve and heal or time to connect back to that unbreakable bond, this book will offer wisdom and guidance, helping you finding a sanctuary in your grieving process.