MollyI would never have believed that it would take me two years to write a book. I was a person who got on with things straight away and liked to cross things off my ‘to do list’ and move on to the next thing, that way I felt productive, however that’s when I realised I lived by a ‘to do list’.

How that all changed when I started to write a book.  As I am sure you are aware by now the book started when my daughter, Hazel lost our beloved Doberman, Inca.  When I was talking to Hazel a few days later I felt the loving presence of Inca around me and what followed from that was a lot of synchronises and serendipities.

The first thing I did was follow my intuition, I knew deep down inside that something important was happening but did not know at that stage the why.

At first, my idea was to get a group of people and write about their experiences of loss of their pet and put together their stories and see if Veterinary Surgeries would give out a pamphlet to their clients when they had lost their pet and this would go some way to helping at this very sad time.

But the Universe had other plans and a book coach came my way, who also believed in my idea from day one, and this grounded my confidence to write a book and to believe it was so much more than a small pamphlet.

Book Cover - Best Friends ForeverI decided that I would put out a request on facebook asking people to share their stories around Pet Loss; I would then take them into a healing space via meditation and allow the energy of their beloved pet to join them in that healing space and to bring powerful closure giving a sense of hope, acceptance and therefore peace, and that happened!  I was amazed at the number of people who said they would join me on this journey.

I have met some beautiful souls and you will read about them in my new book on Pet Loss, Best Friends Forever – Practical Steps and Wisdom to Ease Pet Loss, due out early May 2017.

Whilst going through this process I discovered that I was learning and growing personally and as an Author.  It took me quite a while to use the word ‘Author’ until the other day I was driving along and said to myself “I am an Author!” I’ve learned a lot about self praise, self esteem, confidence and love to myself from myself.  It has been a huge journey writing a book, committing and owning my own work, of course I could not have done it without other people, but I was the driving force, I was inspiring myself on, and I was ‘hiring’ others to support me which was amazing.


May your words always be gentle, may your heart always be open, may you live in the present moment, and may you be kind to you.



Join Me - Mailing ListI am in the process of putting together a monthly newsletter and would love to hear your stories of your beloved; you may wish to write a poem, share some insights about your relationship, something that made you laugh or cry. I am sure it will provide comfort and support to others going through their own grief and loss journey.




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