As I am writing my first book I have had to learn many things, but mainly the number one lesson has been about believing in me, my voice, my intuition and wisdom.

From soon after Inca our beloved Doberman, had passed I had a calling to do something of which I wasn’t sure, but the signs and signals were so strong that they couldn’t be ignored. Firstly it came in the shape of people and poems creating a wonderful legacy, but still the signs and signals kept coming to me and so the book was born. My labour of love has taken longer than I thought, because in the midst of it I sold my house, went into temporary rented accommodation and now looking for a new home to put my roots down.

I could have given up when things got tough, when ideas and inspiration left me, when I was so tired from working full time, moving and renting, but I didn’t, in my mind all I could see and hear was the stories that people had told me about their beautiful pets and the unbreakable bond they had and each time I thought about this, this spurred me on to create, create and create.

My book is at the draft stage now and the book cover is nearly decided upon, I am so excited at what we and the universe have co-created and I am nearing the deadline with gratitude.