Our beloved Inca – An inspiration for the poetry book – Read an extract of Angie’s poem belowimage

Imagine our pet that’s only a few weeks old,  needing so many things, love, attention, support, food, warmth, comfort, encouragement, boundaries, discipline and so much more than we sometimes think could ever be needed. Do we provide that willing or grudgingly?  When we do that willingly we can start to build up a bond with our pet that can never be broken, a love so strong that others can feel it. It’s an unspoken bond. This is our best buddie, confidant, counsellor, therapist. A look from our eyes to theirs, needs no words and you know then, that the world is okay and whatever happens it will be alright.

But,  what happens when you become homeless and you cannot give your animal a home anymore and neither can family or friends. A grief felt, betrayal, shame, guilt, maybe a secret? Holding onto these feelings for years can make us feel sadder and disempowered. That we let our best buddies down, will they ever forgive us? are they happy, sad, confused? did I do enough? Are all valid feelings but dealing with them is a different matter. Angie was brave and told her story and from that has come a heartfelt poem.

My Beautiful SamHere is a extract from Angie’s poem when such a situation happened

When there was snow on the field and canal, Sam used to yelp ‘come on, let’s play, let’s splash around’

‘are you coming in Mum?’. I would say “No” and shake my head and Sam would carry on playing instead.

 There came a day when homeless I was made and had to give my young playmate, Sam, away.

Sam, I love you, I reassured him late that night that the future would be okay.

He looked into my eyes with trust I knew that he would never stray. We “talked” all night and in my arms he lay.


You will be able to read more of Angie’s poem, in the forthcoming book. I will keep you updated as the blogs continue.

By talking about her story Angie allowed healing to take place, love rekindled in her heart with her little Sam, an understanding of her own and Sam’s  journey are just a few of the miracles that have taken place.  Debbie