Number, numbers and numbers, that’s how it felt today. How is it security protects and yet makes us vulnerable? Today I witnessed both sides and when I was feeling low from the whole days activities, the last thing I wanted to think about was number passwords, codes, date of birth, postcode, address, it was all too much.

It all started as a perfectly normal day, and then went quickly downhill, one incident lead to another to another, then another, pressure from myself, pressure from work and life, whilst all the time trying to take it in my stride and thinking it will get better, but you know what? It didn’t, and what I realised I should have done when I reached home was to take a nice long hot bath and an early night to look after and nurture myself, but did I listen to myself, no, I carried on and found myself on the telephone giving yet more numbers………..yet here was my intuition guiding me to listen to it, shouting even. So…..I stopped, put the kettle on and surrendered to nothing but the tea, because nothing else could be accomplished!

What kinds of things is your intuition shouting, screaming even,  to get your attention, to stop, slow down, saviour the moment, breathe, surrender, laugh……. Catch it tomorrow and listen, it’s invaluable.