Recently I went to a dead celebrity fancy dress party, at first it seemed such a hassle deciding who to be! It seemed to take the joy out of choosing, time was short and then I was debating should I hire a costume? That would probably be for the weekend, or……..then getting confused as everyone was being so helpful making their suggestions as to who I could go as.  I then had to laugh I had made something so easy and potentially fun, into something serious and stressful…….I needed to become empowered and decide for myself. In the end I choose dusty springfield and the minute I made the decision everything came together.  My lovely neighbours presented me with a wig and a 60s dress and I found the false eyelashes, microphone, hairband and boots. A lovely friend created the hair!  I realised once I had made the decision, on what to go as, the rest became easy and I had fun collecting what I was going to wear!!  How easy did I go into fear and confusion which took over my thoughts and that then stopped the joy.  Funny isn’t it……what deciding to go to a fancy dress brings up …….. Just some thoughts…….when was the last time you potentially turned something light and fun into seriousness x