A Journey

What can’t I say that I want to say, confident and aloud, why can’t I say what I want to say, instead I feel frustrated and worn down.

I’m careful of your feelings, but don’t deal with my own, where voices shout at me loud from within, to make my feelings known.

I might offend you, and I care, and still I cannot say, how hurt and angry you make me feel, most of my day.  I usually sigh and suppress it all, then no one ever knows, oh how I wish that courage would come, and I could say out loud, “I don’t agree” or “what about me?”, smiling, confident and proud.

Todays’ a different story, I’ve finally found my voice, to say out loud what’s deep inside; I’ve learnt not to suppress. I am important and I matter, and deep inside I know, that confidence and self esteem are the only way to go. No one can take this away from me, because inside, it’s meant to be an everlasting quality.