Lovely saturday spent at the Crowne Plaza in Birmingham with Julie Anne Hart on the Big Hart Day. I met some interesting people.  It’s always interesting when you take time out to go on a journey of exploration internally, all sorts of interesting things come up that can bring real insights into what needs attention in your life at this very moment.  I’ve realised I too easily get distracted into other people’s lives, chaos, wants, needs, dramas, that  really do not require my attention,  and that people really can sort things out themselves, help yes of course, but try to solve things for them, no, that’s not in their best interests, because we really do know what to do because the truth always rests inside of us, we just do not take the time to listen.

Im guilty of this, in the last year I’ve been quite poorly, however I kept going and believed it would go away, but it didn’t and I needed to take time out, which I kinda forced on myself, instead of listening to my body and intuition that kept saying you need to rest Debbie. I’m  sure all of you have had this happen,  where a couple of slow days (I know, I know you don’t have time, I say it to myself too) would have prevented a week off and more…….I may not learn the next time, or the next, but eventually it will sink in and I  will react differently, in my best interests, it would be more beneficial to pay attention straight away lol….

I run a fortnightly meditation and spiritual development group. A group of lovely like minded people meet, to meditate and use spiritual tools, to gain insights from these to help and guide themselves and others.  Why not join us on a Tuesday evening in Coventry… @loveheartsdeb.