Best Friends Forever - The Book

It is true that physical death is inevitable, and when this happens to a pet, a family member, a companion, a confidant, and a best friend has been lost. This inspirational book shows Debbie’s enormous affinity with animals and how she truly understands their place in our families and in our hearts.

Debbie has woven the real-life stories and poetry that she has collected from pet owners into a perceptive and caring exploration of the topic of pet loss. Her unique approach, based on thirteen years of professional expertise, gives a spiritual perspective on loss and grief, enabling healing and closure on this sensitive subject. Best Friends Forever helps to bridge the gap between the intellect and the heart.
Pets, like us, are on their own spiritual journey. These animal companions are indeed wise souls and when our hearts are open and we are ready, we can learn so much from them – in ways that don’t need words.

This powerful, practical guide combines compassionate thoughts of loss with easy-to-grasp concepts; the reflections at the end of the chapters will give you the opportunity to move through any unexpressed grief that you may have and to find ways of acknowledging and managing your emotions.
When a pet dies, the anger, sadness and fear can be overwhelming. There is a need to give respect to the grief that is experienced; a need to honour that unbreakable bond, and to value and acknowledge a unique relationship built on unconditional love, trust, and kindness.


In the book you will discover:


  • Your unique grieving process
  • The empowerment of Self-Love and its importance
  • Wisdom, softness, kindness, comfort and compassion
  • Tender moments
  • The magic of perfect timing
  • Practical exercises and techniques to ease loss (and the importance of being present)


Hi Debbie, When I was asked to write a poem about my girls I was very excited. I have never done anything like this before. But when I first sat down to write I felt at a loss what to say?? Then we had our meeting where you put me at ease, and you asked me lots of questions about my girls, which really helped me when you send me a rough draft for me to work on, which enabled me to write my poem. I can say hand on heart I don’t think I cold have done it without your help. I did some crying for my loss, smiling for the joy they bought me. And thankful for the life lessons they taught me! They taught me patients, and to be a better person, and for that I thank them for being in my life. I always say that things happen in our lives for a reason, all part of life’s lessons, journey etc! So thank you Debbie for coming into mine, and helping me to be apart of your journey. xx Traci xx

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This book is for you if you have lost an animal. Your relationship with an animal is sacred and will forever live in your heart. Whether you need to allow yourself to grieve and heal or time to connect back to that unbreakable bond, this book will offer wisdom and guidance, helping you finding a sanctuary in your grieving process.